LEISURE - "All Over You"

Far too often I grow these deep, closeted obsessions with emerging bands with sultry vocals and bass lines that just won't quit. And far too often I let these little glimmers of hope for our collective musical futures fly on by, after giving them their fair share of repeats through my car stereo of course.

In an effort to break this bad habit of under-sharing (how unheard of in this day and age!), I present to you LEISURE.

I was first introduced to them a few months ago with their tracks "Hot Love" & "Got It Bad," thanks to Hilly Dilly. I'm not sure if it was their groovy low-fi, Electric Guest-esk sound, but I gravitated to them.
Now they've re-emerged into my Hype Machine "favorites" once again with a new tantalizing tune, "All Over You." This is essentially what you're going to want to put on when you're getting ready to open a bottle of wine and lay down some serious game. Touché to all the smart fellas, with good musical taste, that casually slip this into their 'Netflix and Chill' Playlist.

I totally dig it and you probably will to.

LEISURE will be stateside for their debut U.S. performance on October 19, at It's A School Night in Hollywood & another LA show at Bootleg Theater the following night (for only 8 bucks!). They actually had their first show ever in Sydney last night, so congrats to them! I strongly urge you all to keep your eyes peeled for what these guys put out next, or at least give them a follow on the book of faces or musical mass of condensed water.




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