Sounds Painfully Beautiful • My Morning Jacket - "Compoud Fracture"

Oh man, my affinity for beautifully bearded men truly is endless. I may have found the source of this condition and I ain't mad about it. 

I digress...

My Morning Jacket is whispering sweet, sweet nothings into your ear holes and tantalizing you with visual delights in their new music video for "Compound Fracture." They grabbed the footage for this trippy vid during their visit to Denver's Red Rocks Amphitheater. I've heard amazing things about that venue and after watching this video and their live performance from the show, I know it must be added to my "Dream Venues" list.

I was going to drop in the video for the whole Red Rocks performance, but it seems as though "the man" has taken it off of YouTube and it is forever gone. It was an epic set, so hopefully it comes out on DVD. 

Until then, go trim your beads and reevaluate your life goals.




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