Funkier than Thou • Charles Bradley - "Why Is It So Hard"

If you're ever having an off day, or feel like the struggle is just too real, chances are Charles Bradley's "Why Is It So Hard" will make you feel like you, my sad little friend, are not alone.

WARNING: This man has more soul in his pinky toenail than most do in their entire being. And that's a fact.

I always come back to this SXSW performance of this incredible song for a few reasons. His backing band, The Menahan Street Band, is excellent. There's also a think layer of hipster smug that fills the place, so I inevitably feel more in the loop for witnessing the set. And, lastly the fact that Charles is sweating more than I do in a calendar year weirdly puts a big 'ole smile on my face.

Thank you for your gifts Charles.




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