Daily Drop: Real Talk

I think one thing people should try to do more often is let people know how they really feel about them. Friends/friendemies wise I guess (just to keep the stage 5 clingers at bay.) Niceties are overrated. Real talk people. Not saying I'm going to go find and stab Tyra Banks but in everyday life I think its pretty important tell people how you feel about them before its too late. Maybe give your friends a little lovin' and remind them that they are basically amazing and you are truly lucky you fill most of your free time bantering with them, causing scenes or complete destruction in the aisles of Costco or successfully making everyone else around you two feel increasing awkward.

I was reminded of this whole notion because of a lyric that struck a cord this morning. On the
Punch Brothers' new album there is a song called Alex, an adorably love sick song, to a girl he can't have.

"Your only good as your last good-bye."

I love that line. It speaks to me.
The track is off their sophomore album Antifogmatic, (which they explain is an old term “for a bracing beverage, rum or whiskey, that one would have in the morning before going out to work in rough weather, to stave off any ill effects,"). I don't know what kind of jobs they were occupying if it forced them to start boozing it up in the a.m. to not get sick, but I'm rolling with it. I also really can't tell if I find them so adorable just based on their instrument choices or not. So I'm rolling with that too.

Anyways the moral I'm extracting from this super lyric...go flip off everyone you can't stand and start being true to yourself... JUST KIDDING, about the second part.

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