Daily Drop: Subliminal Tripping on the Job

Day jobs suck, BUT the one good thing about mine is I get to look up and actually write about some good bands and their happenings around town. In the midst of a morning post for some Sustainability Festival, I did a little research on the live acts that will be performing and I was stoked to stumble upon these SD locals.

Subliminal Trip
The Band: Jason Becker (vocals, lead/rhythm guitar), Joel Brust (lead/rhythm guitar), Garrison Cyr (bass) and Colin Holz (drums).
The Sound: reggae/dub/rock

Image credit: Christopher Konecki

I don't know a whole lot about this reggae/dub group but I know I was pleasantly surprised to hear some of their featured tracks on their Myspace page. According to their bio they are fairly new the SD reggae scene, forming in 2008 with just two members on a couple of acoustic guitars and in more recent history, they released a six song demo this past March.

Expanding their sound and band-membership has, in my opinion, enabled this group to create sounds comparable to a down-home version of a Sublime/Slightly Stoopid/Stoned Senses (pardon the S's) mashup... and I dig it.

According to their upcoming shows they are making their rounds at some local dives that are sure to bring in their friends and some doobi-lovin' San Diegians.

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Check them out on these recordings from a live show...

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