San Diego vs. Summertime

San Diego has decided to ignore summer this year.

Something must have broken these two up because SD is just not having anything to do with sunshine, beach days or warmth of any kind. This is basically my plea for the two to please reconcile and think about the good times they have always had together. I mean just think of the good ol days and the fun you brought to others... day drinking on the sand (well before the alcohol ban), slip-and-sliding down the hill at Kate Sessions Park, kayaking around La Jolla coves and who could forget, walking down the boardwalk half nude without a care in the world.

Come on you two...if not for each other....do it for the kids. Each day you two are letting down the thousands of sober 20 somethings living in PB, MB and OB who wake up, rush to the window hoping for sun... only to re-live the heartbreak of this feud.

I've taken it upon myself to do the last thing we can possibly do to reunite San Diego with its soul mate, and that is to set some mood. Hopefully these this jams will help part the clouds and stop SD from giving summer the cold shoulder...so here it goes.

Personally, it wouldn't feel like summer without a couple things... sundresses, beach cruisers, buddies and boomboxes in the sand playing summer songs. Mungo Jerry's "In the Summertime" perfectly engulfs you in the summer spirit (circa 1970), complete with an upbeat melody provided by a guitar and kazoo. After being cover by Shaggy in the mid 90s this song made a little comeback but definitely got reintroduced to my generation thanks the relentlessly hilarious movie, Wedding Crashers. Not only does this song make me smile every time I hear it, it's also one of my best friend Kelsey's all time favorites...so cheers to good taste in friends and music.

Mungo Jerry- In the Summertime
Oh, what the hell....Shaggy ft. Rayvon- In the Summertime

If that's not your ideal summer jam and you want a little more sauciness that will bring back beach-side dance parties with girls in high wasted bikinis and Kelly Kapowski sweat bands, then Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince will have you gunning it to 91 in your Astro van and heading straight for your closest pier.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince- Summertime

Okay, I think they are starting to crack...this last one might just be the deal breaker.

Mos Dub, a remix album by Max Tannone featuring Mos Def and dub reggae music, has been such an amazing addition to my reggae playlist this summer by bringing back the dancehall classics that shook up the reggae scene oh so long ago and still remain staples to the genre. And if I know anything about Miss Sandy Ego its that she loves herself some sweet reggae music. So to the rescue, here it is: Mos Dub's Summertime Running. Now we can all do the sun-dance and sing the summertime mantra "sun is shining, weather is sweet, make you want to move your dancing feet."

Okay, now we should just give them some time to talk it out now that Sandy's got her groove back. Lets all cross our fingers that these songs unite our classy city back with her scorned lover, summertime.