Daily Drop: massive tidal WAVVES

The weekend is upon us, and what a great one it'll be. I hope you take the time this weekend to soak up some sun, relish in the amazingness of all life's splendors and most importantly take one back in honor of the 21st anniversary of my birth.

On the other hand, if you aren't too stoked on getting "blitzed" (term copyright: my mom) alone for someone you may not even know...feel free go for a nice swim and lose your senses in the WAVVES.

The weirdos who contribute to Wikipedia describe their sound as "lo-fi/punk/noise pop"....noise pop? Haha... I'm adding that to my new favorite genres.

They're from San Diego and are about to spontaneously combust!...with awesomeness. If you missed them SD, you're going to be waiting a while since their current tour in support of their new album, King of the Beach, is sending these musical currents across the US and even to exotic foreign lands... a.k.a Canada.

So enjoy this tasty little number from WAVVES, who I really wish I saw perform downtown last night at MCASD's Thursday Night Thing.

Wavves - King of the Beach