ahhh... real GROWLERS!

Last week a professor of mine told me if you don't constantly update your blog you are irrelevant. At this point I know I'm one post away from obscurity and child star fame.

(Growlers @ Hougie & Barmichaels in Newport Beach, Photo by: passiONEdrop circa 06)

Five years ago I was a flighty, naive high school hooligan hangin with a wild clan of freeloading spongers from Dana Point. Most of our summer days and nights were spent on a (once) vacant beach, 180 stairs below society with no cares, no fears, no futures to mind. I loved life. During this radical blur of an era, the troops would regularly roll out to the town of Westminster and into a house that had a face.

Of all the absurd acts that went on there, most took place in a small and insanely spray painted garage/shack in Simely's backyard. The Growlers den was a wild and surreal place that at times could only be compared to a schizophrenic acid trip. Headdresses, mustaches, strangers and music... a beautiful recipe for some of the greatest nights I have yet to forget.

Over the years I've held on to few things from these reckless days-- my p.i.c. Natalie, a case of the Mondays, and the first Growler's demo I got one night at Hougie and Barmichaels.

Yesterday, Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010, marked the release of The Growlers new album, Hot Tropics. The weirdest and most creative individuals I have ever encountered have been spreading their highly contagious "beach goth" up and down the heartland for a while now and I couldn't be more excited for them.

Cheers to the days these guys have probably long forgotten and to their huge success we all knew was bound to happen.

Be a pal and get their album on Amazon or iTunes.

you'll see these guys at Coachella soon. #nodoubts