Siesta for Days

The month-long SIESTA is over...I'm back. For real...maybe, I don't know. We'll see how long my attention span lasts.

Now back to "business." Recent events in my life have lead me to some pretty powerful realizations. And now I can honestly advise everyone... to NEVER MOVE! Just don't do it. Stay where you are, stop scanning those Craigslist posts for potential dream homes and save yourself the trouble. Since I already completed my own hunt/move from hell, I just hope my words of fail-dom will bring you piece of mind when considering taking that leap of faith...into the arms of shiesty landlords and godforsaken dumps.

Okay...I'm going a bit overboard. My new place IS sick and I am stoked on all my new roommates but moving just sucks period so I had to vent it out, but fortunately for you I am done.

Now all there is to think about is the school year that is lurking so eerily around the corner and of course my 21st. And since I am already looking so far into the future (kind of)...I will be anticipating even more distant events, thanks to some great news that has just made my day!

Best Coast, arguably one of the greatest bands to enter my life in recent history will be playing at The Casbah in NOVEMBER! I know its pretty far away, but it'll give me something to look forward to since Fall seems to go by pretty slow. I for one cannot wait for this glorious event to take place and by then I will be a three month veteran of 21ism.


Bethany (Lead singer of Best Coast) with Kid Cudi and Rostam Batmanglij (from Vampire Weekend)- All Summer