Power to the Festivalgees

After popping a squat in an open space of sand with about 20 of my close friends, at an outdoor summer kick off concert on the bay, I couldn't help but look around and see how happy everyone was. We live for this shit. A short lived event in time where we can all get together, listen to some music and be outside. A genuinely good time.

So of course the following ingredients brought back some serious nostalgia of Coachella. And since I was already deeply spacing out, I thought to myself... Why don't these like minded folk have a name, if we all gather to share a collective experience? Everyone knows it's the people you are with that make it...and I think these people need a name.

First thought... Festivalites= festival + socialites. Immediately had to scratch that because these people are anything but elitists, unless you get those die-hards that are there for one band and one band only.

Second thought...Festivalgees= festival + refugee (refugee in the sense they are searching for an escape, not necessarily oppression)...Ding Ding DING!.

photo by: Joe Furfaro

Festivalgees- Those who seek solace from the stresses and pressures of the real world, by escaping to music festivals that encourage the collective happiness through shared audible delights of all in attendance.

I don't really care if this ©atches on, but considering my friends are apart of this festive moment, and will soon be making history in one way or another documenting the adventures of such, this is what they shall be named in my book.