A Last Love That Lasts

too sweet to resist...
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I first heard this song in a video clip on a DIY blog. The blog post that day was showing off some self-made knick-knacks for a wedding, but honestly the only thing I fell in love with was this song. 

"Last Love" has a sweet indie draw with a little bit of a folk twang. And of course some beautiful harmonies. Oh and the singer is just adorable.

I think the reason I find it so beautiful is summed up in the first line. Finding someone who doesn't want you to change, or be anything else but just lets you be...you.

With so many (young) people I know tying the knot lately I could definitely see this becoming a young love anthem. So I'll just go ahead and dedicate this song to my dear friend Jane who is getting married this August!

I don't know how this only has 3,000 views, but the band Matrimony started out as a duo in 2009 in Charlotte, NC. I definitely have to write more about them (possibly WAYF?!).
"You conquered me, when you let me be...
when you let me be."


Ms. Cathy said...

A last love..what a truly beautiful concept. That's honestly how I feel about my boyfriend - he is my last love :)

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