So True, Just for you

Much like most of the Kiwi reggae I have come across, I am completely in love with the sound of The Black Seeds. Ranking up there with many of my much loved NZ irie acts, cough KATCHAFIRE cough... That little island in the Pacific seriously knows whats up. I'll get there one day.

Anyways, The Black Seeds are amazing and having been blowing me away for years but during a YouTube bender the other evening I saw that Bret from Flight of the Concords was once in the band too! Had no idea. Blew my mind. And for that they are even more amazing...

But this song "So True" is in my opinion the perfect compliment for anyone in your life that makes a positive impact in your life and those around them... just a really good message and I'm such a believer in good (/bad) karma. The lengths you are willing to go for others, in my opinion, speaks volumes about your character and heart. So if there is someone you have in your life that embodies the goodness of human contact, don't take em for granted.

"Most generous love, you spread around
To the people in your life
Sharing the weight and the pressure
Just to make it right
I hope one day that you get it back
If that karma stuff is true
Here's a little song just to make a start
Called something so true"

and just for kicks here's a tribute to the one time Black Seed and long time hilarious stache-barer...