Lucidity Come Back to Me

lu·cidi·ty (lsd) adj. : Mentally sound; sane or rational.

I'm not ashamed to say the most liberating feeling I've had in the last month (well besides frolicking at Outside Lands) has been simply driving in my car. I guess that is what a car-less year abroad will do to ya. Although my outings lately have been all to brief, due to my looming Sept. 10th deadline, they have taken me out of my perpetually stressed out state of mind and into my own motorized getaway, thanks largely to a great cd I made (yes I still make mixtapes). 

Here's some of the details of a my escape route:

Hey look it's Thailand.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I miss you a lot and once this thesis shmesis is over with I would like to be part of your motorized getaways and good music listenings. Thankzzzzz #withdrawlzzzzzzzzzzz #lykerillbad #mizzyou #eventhedingdongditching #anddon'tyoumissmyoverusageofthalettazzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Leslie said...

DUDE i miss and your ridiculous hashtaging... lets get this shit DONEEE!

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