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i'm fresh off a sunrise swim so forgive me for typos and banter.

Okay... I'm ready.

As sappy as it sound, I have always felt SUPER lucky for one very important thing in my life... friendship.

I know, I know. Everyone LOVES their friends… and their friends are THE BEST! Which might be true... for them. But the reason I feel so lucky is that I can say I have at least one truly great friend still in my life from each stage of my life.

My friend since birth,  literally at the hospital along with my second family. The one that was friends with me even as an awkward middle schooler, and I still call whenever I'm home. My first new best friend in high school, with her country accent and wild spirit. My soul sisters who I spent the majority of my college years with and will always be my other halves. And my kindred spirits, somehow found them when I felt lost in the world, and we still think back on how crazy it was that we even met.
 …to name a few.

I'm not a friend hoarder (jk, all these people are in my closet), but I feel like I can just tell when a person is supposed to be in my life. People change a lot over the course of such a few crucial years, years when you desperately need someone to just get you and be there. And years later when you've both (or all) gone your own ways, at the end of the day, being able to pick up a phone and call someone who has known you or at least knows you now is probably one of the best feelings in the world, and sometimes really rare. 

A while back someone actually told me that I "spread myself too thin", that it's about time I find out who my "real friends" are and stop trying to please everyone. I thought this was just about the rudest thing I ever heard, and all I could think was obviously that person didn't know me at all. If you aren't growing and meeting new and interesting people along the way, I don't think you're living. Plus, I take a lot of pride in the way I really do love each and every one of my friends, so piss off. :)

Anywho, it's no secret that my biggest fear about leaving the US was missing out on everything going on with my peeps, which I already know is lame considering everything I have gotten to experience and places I've gotten to go since I've left, but I was still bummin' a little. But one thing that has gotten me through being away more than any other single thing is the same thing that made not want to leave ... friendship.

As I get closer to the time I'll have to pack up my flat and head back to the California coast, I feel SO lucky to say that I have met an unforgettably awesome person, who I have no doubt will be a friend for life. Through homesickness, boyfriend withdrawals, and hunger pangs for some REAL mexican food to fits of uncontrollable laughter, forcing one another to do something new and just being there for each other whenever and where ever, I couldn't imagine going through this stage of my life with out my home girl, EV.

Thanks for being there for the bad, flowing with the weird, and for just being so full of life.
So true to her name.

I know I have said it before, but I really don't know what the HELL I would do if you weren't here.

& of course your favorite song... 


Anonymous said...

Aaaaand I'm crying haha too much to thank you for, too many good memories from the past ten months to recall, but forreal I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! And I'll say it again, like I say it all the time: WTF would I have done here without you. <3

Ms. Cathy said...

You two are awesome gals. Made such awesome points about friendship - I can say there are only a handful that have stuck with me through thick and thin. SO cool you two were able to experience Malta together too!! And about that Mexican food?? Nothing like the west coast in US haha!!

Leslie said...

totally. I'm having massive cravings for some real chips and salsa and tacos :)

love love love you!

Leslie said...

ps... just realized you singing that Ashanti song is TOTALLY false. "always on time" my ass. :)

Ruby Girl said...

this is the sweetest thing evs. love seeing true friendship in action. such a blessing! xoxo linds {{www.rubygirlblog.com}}


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