See You In My Dreams

They say, (and by they I mean anyone who has ever said this), that the best things come to you when you aren't looking.

Who ever "they" are, I have to admit they're right. 

I wasn't looking. I was the furthest thing from it actually. I was already mentally preparing myself for saying goodbye to my life, my friends, my home, and my family at the end of the summer, to move & go to school in Malta for a year. I had no idea that a little trip to Vegas last spring would bring me face-to-face with what "they" call, one those best things (/ humans).

A few chance run-ins and some major coincidences lead to some hilarious first hangouts and amazing first kisses. Two months later, I found myself on date with this guy who I knew was pretty different, no wait... EXTREMELY different from any other man I'd ever met or dated. So special in fact I had already tried (and failed) to mess things up. So after this great date, at the height of my "this can't go anywhere, I'm leaving in 4 months" mental pep talk to prepare myself for being bummed out, what does he do but make every worry and fear go away. It didn't matter when I was leaving or how little time we had left, he wanted to be together.

A year ago, I would have never imagined what an amazing summer we would have together, how many awesome places/cities/countries and adventures we would get to experience in the months to come, and how much I could love this person.

Not only has he stuck it out through the rough times of missing each other and busy schedules, he's become my best friend and someone who is there for me in so many ways.

I never thought I would make it past my first week in Malta. My heart had never felt such pain, but I look back and can't help but think if we can handle this, we can handle anything together.

:) love you Jay & thank you for EVERYthing babe.


Ms. Cathy said...

Omg I can totally relate to this post. The best things in life sneak up on us when are looking in the opposite direction - - which means it happens most naturally! So happy for us finding our best friends in love :)

Cathy Trails

Leslie said...

;) Cathy!
how nice it is to be home??

Alicia said...

I..... can't. This is the sweetest thing I've ever read. I'm so happy you guys found each other. & I'm so happy I experienced a four pack that nothing or NO ONE can ever live up to. I love you both very very much! <3

Leslie said...

thanks alic <3 love youu!



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