Jazzy Overtones

j a z z y // g r o o v y // just fuckin g o o d

It's been a great start to the short week... musically that is. I've stumbled upon & bumped into a number of super jazzy tunes in the past few day that have me ready for sun-basked beach days of summer weekends (... I got a job y'all).

Those that know me well know I will be well prepared for those days with a boombox in hand, but first I need to stock up on some worth jams. So here's my first effort to jump start an excellent summer of fun, friends and funky music. (spoiler alert:: they've all got some saxy solos)

[[ all the girls standing in the line for the bathroom]] 

[[ you said that you wouldn't break my heart in 2]]

[[ like chunks out of me, you're a shark and I'm swimming]]

[[clap along if you know that happiness is the truth]]

...and just because I can. 

[[return to sender]]