What Would MJ Do? • Quadron

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Honestly, I feel so late to the Quadron party! But hey, maybe my invite was just lost in the mail or ish. Anyways, this super groovy, "electronic soul" Danish duo (Coco + Robin) just put out their second album last Tuesday, which is pretty fantastic.

Cover image of Quadron's second album, Avalanche.I got my first taste of their feel-good energy and highly disco/soul-influenced sound from none other than KCRW, of course. They'd been playing the new single from Avalanche for a week straight and I immediately fell in LOVE with the familiar voice I just couldn't quite put my finger on. In fact, I still wasn't able to figure out where in the hell I heard those glorious pipes until eh, about 5 minutes ago!

The Great Gatsby soundtrack... Track 8... My favorite one...!!!

Mind. Blown.
Which lead to this...

Yup, Miss Coco was the vocalist on the track "Where the Wind Blows" on arguably the greatest soundtrack since Garden State (or Drive). And although my co-workers adamantly disagreed, I think it's the best track on the entire thing... sorry Lana.

Anywho, I got a deeper look into the group's inspiration while listening to a great in-studio interview/performance at Apogee Studios in Santa Monica. Turns out they're both big fans of the King of Pop, but then again who isn't? They took their appreciation a bit further and even said they would ask each other, "Is this what Michael would do?" while working on the new album. It's a challenging (and at times comical) feat to attempt the WWMJD route, but it definitely paid off with their latest output.

You can feel the influence of disco-style MJ tracks bubbling their way to the surface on tracks like "Favorite Star" and "LFT," and a little more 80s Michael with "It's Gonna Get You"("The Way You Make Me Feel," anyone?) And of course there's the flat out tribute to the man himself with "Neverland."

It's got to be hard for an artist to balance the essential qualities of a great tribute, while maintaining artistic originality. Quadron without a doubt pulled it off, blissfully escorting a whole onslaught of new fans, myself included, into their arms in the process.

I can't wait to see what these guys do in the future. I see nothing but great things, festival line-ups and sold out venues in their future. Because with the talent they've got & a goal like this, you're pretty much unstoppable: "We just really want to share our music with world."

You go Glen Coco!