Post-Coachella Pre-Insanity

What is going on... like really? I'm headed straight out the poop shoot of my university's derrière in T-minus 24 days (oh god is it really that soon) and I choose now to epically fail at all things scholastic or remotely productive. Inspiration or just giving a shit in general is hard to come by lately.

Thank god for music that lets you escape this sick, sad world (anyone catch that Daria reference?). And thankfully my iPod has been infiltrating my mind with some quality get-away jams for the last month.

I'm stuck on these two from Freelance Whales and Little Tybee at the moment, whose lyrics are starting to coincidentally allude to my life the more I listen to them. Then again that could just be the madness setting in. Current symptoms: hearing things, people in the radio talking to you, forgetting you drove to school and running around asking for rides... ya that last one really happened.

Luckily I have embraced these delusions, so we're all good. Anywho, my roommate said she feels like she is on a tropical island when she hears "Strong Ears." How completely appropriate.

Here's to making it out alive.

Take me away....

"...and if you're partial to the night sky
If you're vaguely attracted to rooftops"

"...could you move a bit
I can't quite escape this labyrinth"