Birthday Blues

Well in the next couple weeks it seems like a bunch of my homies from home... (hence... homies) are celebrating their birthdays. Although it is just another couple of events I'm not going to be there for it still makes me sad that I can't celebrate with them! I love my friends' birthdays, you just get to celebrate how awesome they are and how stoked you are that they were born (thanx moms) and that you get to be in their life.

Last year around this time was definitely a life changing time for me. The year started with such an EPIC (key word of 2011) collision of friends, parties and truly enjoying what matters in life and that is the people you are sharing it with. I was blessed to live in a crazy house, some called the Brothel, with 8 hilarious, beautiful, brilliant and loving ladies. On this exact day, it was none other than Miss Talee's birthday and we all sat in the tiny little apartment and had the peeps over for a good ole jam sesh. Twas awesome. And just days later was Shan Nea Nae's birthday party to end all parties in the courtyard. This time last year was just filled with celebrations of some of the coolest humans I know with the friends that make every party a family affair.

Okay thats my little intro but here is a truely random collection of awesome songs that remind me of my good friends, whose birthday I will be missin'. Love you guys and hope you all have the best freakin day ever!

Happy Birthday Talee girl!

You better be dancing to a dancy version of this song today!

Happy Birthday Bels! Love youu!

You know.

Happy Birthday Nitty!

reminds me of when we were listen to this cd in my car outside the tree house just lovin it.

Happy Birthday Shannon!

get funkyyy!

Happy Birthday Ricky Tilley!

It was a tie between this and Pretty Lights... but the Dude always wins

Happy birthday homies <3