Would You Like a Sample?

Seen a few hip hop videos lately that have been surprisingly amazing. Getting theatrical and artsy in music videos that showcase more than their love of flashy bling or big booty hoes. 
Now that's refreshing.

The video for "No Church In The Wild" is a pretty amazing take on what I thought was the best track on Jay-Z and Kanye's "Watch the Throne."

When ever I hear a good rap and/or hip hop song with a beat I like, I almost always go to WhoSampled.com to see where they might have borrowed it from. I know hip hop isn't the only genre of sampling perpetrators, but more often than not you will find some bits and pieces of the latest hit song deep in the depths of your father's record collection. This happens to be one of my favorite things about the genre; the creative recycling of old greats, although sometimes, I have to admit, I find it unoriginal/aggravating (wasn't too pleased with Kanye and Jay's "Otis").

Anyways, I had no idea that Drake's "Take Care" was essentially a cover/sample of Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie Smith's (of The XX) "I'll Take Care of You" which was a cover of the original 1959 version by Bobby Bland. Gil Scott Heron is a hugely influential musician in hip hop. A soul and jass poet, the likes of which I'm sure must be accompanied by a yaz flute. Definitely check out both versions.

Had to include a little Scott-Heron slow jammin'


Ms. Cathy said...

Damn girl you have such great taste in music!! Love it!


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