Haim: Girl Powa

Who needs another feel good girly song to dance around your kitchen to?

This aint your average pop bull shit, guilty pleasure. This is girl power in lo-fi perfection that will have you reminiscing of movies like Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club and funky guitar riffs that I can't help but find similarities in the great hits of MJ. I don't know if I'm over exaggerating the 80s influences of their sound, but I will say they do bring back a little 2000's memorabilia by throwing in some sweet Destiny's Child moves (I'm not kidding). In a strange way, they kind of remind me of a female Vampire Weekend (anyone else hear it?).

I'm in love with Haim's video for a reason I should probably be embarrassed about... it reminds me of the movie "Now and Then." 

I can't tell you how many times I watched that over and over as a child and dreamed about running the neighborhood with a pack of hormonal pre-teens with explosive family drama and awesome tree-houses (I had to settle for a scraggly bunch of 3rd-6th graders which formed my creatively titled Dumpster Kids Club, but that is a whole other story.)

p.s. You can download their EP fo free on their website! So charitable to starving ears.

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Ruby Girl said...

i love happy girly songs :) my sis and i DEFINITELY danced around our kitchen to some goodies growing up and the same continues at my house now! the hubby just smiles and shakes his head. sometimes he joins in with me :) xoxo linds


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