So I got really mad at Jeremy the other day. I almost eXed out of our Skype convo. (This means business for long distance lovers.)

Okay it was not really at all that stupid or serious.

But I was really bummed out because he told me I missed the BEACH BOYS on the Grammys! Clearly I didn't think I was missing much by being away and not being able to see top 40/most overplayed artists getting awards for making my ears bleed on morning commutes. But no. This year they have to go do something remotely awesome.

Wouldn't It Be Nice is one of my favorite songs! I love the Beach Boys. I love Beach Boy covers. I love drink umbrellas. I have an appreciation for Hawaiian print sarongs. How could I miss this?!

Me back in my hay day... damn I miss that dash.

Anyways, Jay also told me that they are going to be at Bonnaroo! So awesome! So here is my own tribute with some of my favorite Beach Boy covers and mixes, which I will probably be adding more to as the week goes on. 

God Only Knows cover by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (favorite!)

Surfer Girl cover by Pete Yorn

Don't Worry Baby cover Little Black Dress

Wouldn't It Be Nice cover (@the Grammy's) by Foster the People

& one more time by my homegirl Zooey Dechannel of She & Him 

#thinkandwishandprayandhopeitmightcometrue :)