Come Closer

Holy hiatus! Yup. Almost a month of failing to come up with anything slightly original or more or less worthy of filling the very few empty spaces of time when I don't have my face buried in a book/ research paper/ data set. Good lord... is this what I've become? A grad school hermit like the rest of the striving (/way too fortunate) youth?!  Guess so.

On a gloomier note, it's gloomy out. And I'm over it.

It's day like this, or months really, that I'd really just like to be basking in the contradictory winter sun in good ole San Diego. But, I'm much too far and my jet pack is out of fairy dust.

I digress.

I just stumbled upon (no, not StumbleUpon©)  the awesome sounds of Miles Kane. The song in particular perfectly describes my temporary isolation from my best friend Kelsey (friggin) Jones, minus the sexual overtones (it's in progress though). So, here is a little jingle that I may just find myself working out to in my freezing cold living room, as I attempt to regain feeling in my hands and feet.