Music Apps iLove

Even though I'm new to the iPhone game, I have (or should I say, HAD) an iPod touch for a couple years now. Since they are basically one in the same, minus drunk dialing capabilities, I have had a good amount of time to round up my favorite and seriously essential music apps.

So here are my favorites I thought I should share with ya:

#1 Timbre

This app is without a doubt my favorite. I recently found it when I got my new iPhone (ooh la la) and I'm pretty obsessed with it.

What it does: Shows you a chronological list of bands playing in your area...even in small clubs/bars and especially for small/unknown bands.

The best thing about it in my opinion is it gives you a little sample of the band's music if you wanna hear what they sound like. It also instantly gives you a place to find them on Twitter and Facebook and where to buy tickets.

#2 Soundtracking

To be honest I feel like the people who created this app stole it from the depths of my mind (lawsuit is still pending, since I don't really know what the copyright infringement laws are in Inception).

What it does: Instagram + iTunes = Soundtracking

At one time or another I'm pretty sure we have all felt like a song perfectly captured a moment in time or maybe just a hilarious picture. This app allows you to take a picture, or use one you already have, set a song to it, and then share it with either your followers on the app or on twitter. You can also use it to identify songs that are playing around you.

#3 Hype Machine

What it does: New music straight from the best music blogs in the massive blogosphere.

I could describe, but isn't it obvious? As my favorite new music source, Hype Machine in app form is a necessity. Aggregating music blogs for your listening pleasure, HypeM gives you all the new tunes featured on some of the best music blogs around. But if you wanna just go to the website on your phone instead of paying 4 bucks for the app... I understand.

#4 AudioTuner

What it does: Pluck it, change it, tune it, play it.

For the actual musicians out there (myself obviously excluded), it is always convenient to have a handy dandy tuner so you  Of course most musicians can just do that by ear, but if you're like me and only pick up your ukulele when your boyfriend comes around so you look more creative and/or musically talented, then you definitely need some help.