It's no secret that I am a huge fan of psychedelic rock, and modern indie outputs that seem to have a similar flavor. I remember back in the good ole days, while laying around on my favorite beach in Laguna with my best friends, thinking of how we should have been alive in the 60s, or at least how cool it would have been. But I have since grown up and realized... we were absolutely right.

Actually I'm kind of stoked to live in the here and now, for the simple pleasure of hearing new and great psychedelic tunes and the Internet making them so easily accessible / findable.

One blog that I really admire for musical taste is actually not a music blog at all. 4th & Bleeker is Australian model Alexandra Spencer's photo/fashion blog that always radiates with its high fashion editorials and sets the tone of cool with amazing music backgrounds.

As I paroozed her blog this week, I couldn't help but be entranced by the psychedelic melody that carried me from one picture to the next. Thankfully the player at the bottom filled me in on who and what I was listening to.  I love it and I think you might too.

Thanks Alexandra!