Daily Drop: She's Kind Of A Big Deal

Well, almost anyways.

Anuhea (pronounced Ah-New-Hey-Ah) is a self proclaimed superstar in her song "Big Deal," and she might be right. Personally, I'm just stoked that a girl is coming out with some good island reggae. Not trying too hard... just doing her thing. She's performed with the likes of Jack Johnson, Ziggy Marley, Jake Shimabukuro, at the Kokua Festival and is currently headlining the 2010 Resin Music Surf Roots Tour. I have to admit, usually I would be a little put off towards a girl in this genre, expecting some Colbie Caillat carbon copy but after listening to her stuff on her Myspace, you can tell she has some pipes and puts her own island rythm in there too.

I think this girl brings the perfect amount style to do her hometown, Maui, proud. And to add to her street cred, her single "Big Deal," is in reference to the legendary Ron Burgundy quote, "I'm kind of a big deal"... so needless to say, she will fit right in with the classiest of San Diegian raggamuffins. Which also makes me wish August 16 would come that much sooner because if you're of the legal limit, you can see her in our hood very soon.

On Friday, July 23 she will be playing will bring the Resin Music tour down to the Wavehouse's new(ish) Soundwave venue with The Green (Honolulu, Hawaii), Stranger (San Diego) and Tamarama (Australia).

Recommended songs: Big Deal, Come Over Love, Rumors

Enjoy the sweet sounds.