Liebster Blog Award

First I have to start by saying this will not be my typical, gushing over a semi-random indie band or funk throwback. My dear friend Ev [ya my main B in Malta, that's the one] nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award!

Interlude via Pleine de Vie:

"Wait. What the hell is a Liebster Blog Award anyway? Ok, so a Liebster Blog Award isn’t really an award.  It’s not a competition, no judges, and no official rules.
It’s kind of like a chain letter, blogger to blogger, in which one nominates other blogs with under 200 followers that they themselves appreciate and enjoy.  Started by a German blogger a couple years ago (“Liebster” is German for dearest), it’s just basically a way to show and spread love in the blogosphere.
The “rules”:
  1. Thank the person that nominated you.
  1. Answer the 11 questions that they asked you in their nomination post.
  1. Nominate 11 other blogs.
  1. Ask your nominees 11 new questions."

So I guess I'll just start with the protocol:


Thank you for that wonderful introduction, Ev. And also thank you for the nomination and numerous plugs over the last year. You've continued to build me up as a friend, blogger and human being. You're constantly boosting my ego about my musical taste and never fail to give me some of the coolest compliments I have ever gotten in my life.

Your blog is a divine mix of your glorious fashion sense, future aspirations, life lessons, honest decompositions and hilarious anecdotes. It takes a strong person to be so honest, even through a screen, which is why this task/ones like it tend to make me a little nervous. Your bluntness and unabashed willingness to poke fun at yourself is both endearing and admirable.

You were my saving grace on what I felt at times was a lonely island. You were an instant friend I could, and still can, always confide in! I can't believe I met you almost 2 YEARS AGO :O. And lastly, I feel so incredibly lucky to have you in my life.

As part of this Liebster deal, Ev has asked me to answer a couple questions, which I'm honored and slightly nervous to do. So here it goes.


Why you blog.
Simple, I LOVE music. I remember before starting PassioneDrop I constantly found myself thinking about starting a blog, but I just kept procrastinating and didn't feel like anything I put down would have any real precedent (not like it does now or anything). Then one day during my junior year of college, I was bored at work and saw that this acquaintance had just started one and posted it on Facebook. It was so cute and just full of great pictures!

I was mildly jealous at the time but I will say it motivated me to just do it already!

Biggest fear.
Hmm this is a toughy. I could go with the more obvious, yet true choices - losing a loved one or dying alone - but I guess I'll go a little more personal... I'd say feeling unfulfilled or like something is missing from my life. I get scared that I won't have the life I imagine for myself.

Greatest source of happiness.
My amazing girlfriends and my hilarious nieces and nephews. Both crack me up and both are without a doubt my family. And live music. Period.

Guiltiest pleasure.
Powerberries from Trader Joes. I usually finish the entire bag within hours if not minutes. And for that I blame Kendall Smith.

Weirdest habit.
Probably pulling out the stubble on my knees with a tweezer when I'm bored? Awkward. Told you I was getting real.

Person you admire most.
My mom. She's a boss. Literally and figuratively. She just always knows how to handle whatever is thrown at her. She never crumbles. She's strong and always herself. Everyone relies on her and loves her. She will do just about anything for the people she loves. And I think it's a huge compliment when people say I'm becoming just like her.

Drink of choice.
Lately, I've been flip flopping as soon as the bartender makes eye contact, but I think it depends on the country/city. In Malta it was mojitos from Juuls. Those things were incredible works of ice blended art. It honestly took the guys working there about 7 minutes to craft one but they were always worth it!

In LA I've been getting a little trendier with my drinking habit... I mean occasional outing... and going for either a Moscow Mule or Greyhound. Oh, and I love trying the local beers where ever I go (Cisk, Chang, Pilsner).

Girl crush.
Jennifer Lawrence. Duh.

Guy crush.
Other than my boyfriend, Bryan Greenberg! (I can literally hear Jeremy in my head now: "...Fuck that guy.")

Current favorite song.
Tie: "Take Me Away" by Wild Belle & a cover of Outkast's "Prototype" by Tame Impala

What you’re most looking forward to.
In the next year: Going to Nashville to see my best friend get married!
In the semi-distant future: Babies. It's in my blood. 
In my lifetime: traveling the world, buying my first boat, reading 1,000 books, picking up and actually sustaining a fun/healthy hobby, meeting people who will change my life over and over again

Well that wasn't so hard!

Now to MY nominations:

These friends, strangers and bloggers all have an amazingly unique outlook & I'd love to share with them the Liebster Blog Award! Without further ado here they are:

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My Questions:

Name one person (dead or alive) you'd want to spend a day with and why.

What is the one country you want to see before you turn 30?

What is your favorite thing about YOU?

If you could pass down only one thing to your children what would it be?

Who's your personal hero?

If you could play one (or another) instrument what would it be?

What is a middle school secret that at the time you thought was the biggest deal?

What do you love to eat when you watch movies?

(Recycled) What is your biggest fear?

What is one hairstyle or look you rocked proudly and wish you could forget?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

**leave your the link to your post in the comments so everyone can read them too! :)