LIVE to live

This could just be the greatest music day of my summer
... and it's not even happening this summer.

Last night, I found out two of the greatest pieces of information I've recieved in all seven days of August: 
1) My boyfriend bought me a Saturday pass to the Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco 
2) Empire of the Sun is coming to LA on Halloween & I have a $100 gift card between me & Nikki (also courtesy of my wonderful dude)

Today, tickets were locked down for EOTS and after an extensive Spotify sesh, I became increasingly more excited about the incredible lineup I'll be seeing at the fest!!

October can not come soon enough!

One of the greatest joys about live music is the build up to seeing a great act that you are dying to see. Butterflies in the stomach, uncontrollable smiling, fits of inappropriate amounts of energy for a workday and maybe even some sweaty palms, if your one of those weirdos. 

Then it's THAT night.

You're crew is buzzed and ready.
You're in your preferred mode of transportation, singing, upper-body dancing and mentally prepping for the greatness that is about to be ingrained in your memory.
You flood into the arena, theatre, grassy knoll, or what have you with the slew of other spasticly excited humans.
You find where you NEED to be (whether it's printed on a piece paper or just feels right).
You wait.
You check your phone a few too many times.
You try to remember just about everything & everyone around you for that last mental snapshot, because this is what it's all about. Your people. The music. And a few hours of pure joy.
Then go the lights.
The crowd howls, claps, cheers, whistles and silences.

And then... magic.

I'll just stop there, because as Stendal said, "pleasure is often spoiled by describing it."