RIP Strawbs

My boyfriend caught me really off gaurd today by telling me that my favorite holiday is literally on the horizon. Screw Labor day, I don't wear white pants anyways.


I know this is a premature-excitation, but I'm really stoked I'll be in the country to celebrate it this year.


Anyways, the reason I was caught off guard is I don't even have the slightest idea of what I'd be...

I could bust out the old roller skates, but I packed up my Brink costume (aka Team Pup & Suds) long ago.

I've also worn some rainbow wing/bird contraption 2 times as well...with said roller skates.
I've been a Ghostbuster...
A pregnant hillbilly (aka Britney Spears)...
An Indian...
Another indian...
Little miss sunshine...
and a dirty pirate hooker.

It's time for something good.

Then all of the sudden...
there shined a shiny demon

I got it.

I'm going to be my favorite non-human, yet superbelivable heroine of the most beautiful love story depicted in Blur's music video "Coffee & TV."

I'm going to be the most delicious thing any 7-year-old has ever fucking tasted.

I'm going to be... 

Strawberry Milk.

That's some Romeo & Juliet shit right there.