Kailo drops New EP • Ninetiesgirl


As a 90s girl myself, I think I can speak for us all when I say there's something missing in popular music today. Sure you can move to it, if you really try, but it's certainly not as effortless as the decades past. So, if your heart skips a beat when "Return of The Mack" comes on, or you just really need something new to groove to, I'm happy to introduce you to Kailo.

His new EP first caught my attention when the track "Need Ya (feat. Aela Kae)" appeared on my HypeM feed.
It had all the makings of the perfect track - a catchy beat, excellent vocals and that special something that just makes you feel good.

AND THE PHARCYDE SAMPLE ("Go Getta")... Sorry to be so basic, but... I CAN'T.

Since that first encounter, Kailo's tracks have accompanied me on many therapeutic bike rides and has reaffirmed my love for the music scene down under.

Slip into this funky little collection of rhythmic beats and melodic harmonies below and be on the look out for all of Kailo's latest outputs on his SoundCloud & Facebook.

"The world is your oyster, allow me to show ya"