It's all in The Journey • Tom Misch

As I sipped my mildly disappointing latte on this lackluster Monday, my mood was swiftly elevated by a melody that seemed it "describe" it all so perfectly.

I'm naturally drawn to instrumental tracks with various hip hop and r&b influences, so it's hard not to start swaying along when I hear a good one, no matter where I am. There's something that's just so rich, and layered about a track that can keep your interest with no words to carry it or distract from it's shortcomings.

On this particular Monday, instrumental perfection was delivered to me by Tom Misch. A stranger for all intensive purposes, who accompanied me as I sipped my god-awful latte and took a second to day dream.

Here's to boosts when you need them and lyric-less tunes that let the beat say it all.

Check out Tom Misch on SoundCloud & my new favorite SoundCloud account, SOULECTION on Twitter.