Ain't Loyal • Ellie & Skizzy Mars

It's back. I'm officially in a mainstream hip-hop phase...

There's no fighting it when it happens. You just have to relinquish control these irresistibly catchy tracks that make you want to get to the nearest club and just lose it (or is that just me?)

Anyways, as most of America's radio listeners [zombies] know, ILOVEMAKONNEN, Drake (as usual) & Chris Brown have some good ones out that have already spun off into thousands of remixes. Some good, others better. But, here are the one's I'll be dancing to come time to embarrass myself on my daily commute.

Remix: Loyal - Ellie (Michael Keenan Remix) feat. Skizzy Mars

Original: ILOVEMAKONNEN - Tuesday feat. Drake

Download the track here: