Best Coast - California Nights • New Album & Single

Wow. This video could not possibly remind me more of a camping trip in the Mojave desert I went on recently with a few good friends and some cool new acquaintances.

In between guitar jam sessions around the fire, throwing the football around to the backdrop of a mesmerizing desert sunset and off-roading to a rock pile, which happened to be the music video shoot location for Bakersfield's biggest celebrity (or so the crew said?), all who were there could definitely relate to these lyrics.

Oh, here's the video I'm referring to if I haven't lost you already...

This is the brand new single out by a not-so-old favorite of mine, Best Coast.

Less than a minute in, and you'll feel the dreamy warmth of the song. It's downtempo and lingering vocals can easily allow your mind to drift to another time or place. For me it was that camping trip, but for others it could easily be the drive home from (or to) Coachella, an entire Burning Man experience, or just the most epic summer of your life likely set in the amazing "Lost Coast" (as my friend Nigel calls it). All of this further validates the song's title, and the name of their third album.

Although, it's already drawing early criticism (at least from Internet trolls) for being roughly "the same" as the other things they've put out, I think Bethany Cosentino’s love affair with California will always be a part of the band's persona. When something inspires you as much as this beautiful state does for this girl, maybe singing about anything else just doesn't satisfy her soul in the same way.

Inspiration is a funny thing, you know. Some find it in happiness. Some find it in sadness. Some find it in others or merely how someone makes them feel, but there's one thing I will say about inspiration that will likely be my outro for this post...

Inspiration is a light that shines from within exposing what makes you feel whole, what makes you complete and more importantly what makes you you. By sourcing that light to do the things you love, feeling satisfied creatively or emotionally by those things and sharing them with the world, it not only changes your life, but has the power to change someone else's. It's immensely powerful and it's such a gift to find in life. I hope everyone can find a beautiful source of inspiration in their life.

ALSO: an update before I forget to post for months, in the next month or so I'll be launching a brand new project I've thought about often but hadn't fully sparked the flame under my butt to get going on. It's a music blog (shocker) that will be heavily influenced by a wanderlust spirit, which will undoubtably include local music from recent or upcoming travels, as well as new music which inspires us to stay curious & hopeful for the future of music. I can't wait to share it all with you and to reignite this love of sharing my favorite tunes through a fresh new platform... get ready to let your heart & soul wander.