Hozier - "Problem" • BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

This is too good.

That could be all I say about this, but I guess I'll elaborate a bit more. :)

While this may be one month and a million and a half views delayed, but I'm fairly sure Hozier just won me over a little bit more with this one. As much as I love "Take Me to Church," the airwaves have sucked it dry. That being said, every time I've heard one of his other tunes, especially live versions, I've been thoroughly blown away. And this is definitely no exception...

The easiest way to make pop bearable is to give it a rock or blues treatment, in my opinion. Throw in some real instruments, and a killer voice if you're lucky, and you can easily bring any song out of the Top 40 crates and into the hearts of indie-lovers everywhere.

I'm so into Hozier's harmony-filled rendition of this otherwise obnoxious song (sorry not an A. Grande fan). And the REGULATORS interlude (go to 2:15) in there?! Is this guy for real? Ah, just brilliant. Thank you Hozier & more importantly, thank you Warren for laying down such fire lyrics back in '94.

"If you know like I know, you don't want to step to this.
It's the G Funk era, funked out with a gangsta twist.
If you smoke like I smoke, then you're high like every day. (ha!)
If your ass is a buster, then 213 will regulate."

If you're a cover-lover (?) like me, I strongly suggest you let the BBC Radio 1 covers playlist on YouTube introduce you to some epic renditions of songs you might already love, or hate.

I'll just leave a few of my other favorites I've heard most recently below, including another amazing one by Hozier. That one hit me right in the heart.

Thanks for reading :)

"There's this tune I found that makes me think of you somehow, and I play it on repeat."
... sounds about right.