The Arrival of Leon Bridges • "Lisa Sawyer"

Like a familiar scent that triggers a memory, or a sudden flash of Déjà vu, there are so many instances in life that remind you of the mind's power to transport us to another time & place. I tend to be most "transported" by songs, as I'm sure so many others can relate to. Whether it's a simple melody or an entire genre (ska during the 90s anyone?), you can hear less than 5 secs of said tune(s) and feel like you are there. Truly taken back.

While I could go on about all of the songs that have that effect on me, that would be a damn saga of my life. I won't put that on you... it's much too early in the week and I've been far too emotional these last few weeks.

I will, however, introduce you (maybe) to an artist that has a beautifully nostalgic sound that will take you back. Back where? I'm not sure. For you it my be your grandma's plastic wrapped couch or maybe your family's cabin on the Rouge River. For others it could be the stormy days spent wrapped up in blankets with a significant love, surviving off Top Ramen & "wooly", or just a chance encounter with a beautiful songbird at a jazz bar.

If none of the scenarios above resonate with you, then I'll just let Mr. Leon Bridges allow you to make your own connections to his music; starting with his latest and what I believe to be his greatest single yet, "Lisa Sawyer."

Now, if that didn't make you feel all kinds of something, please check your pulse and make sure you're still alive. 

The lesson of the day, kids, is that real music is still out there. It might be hard to find at times, but it does. It lives in garages of annoyed suburban parents, in the studio apartments of daytime 9-to-5ers / nighttime musicians, in the half empty venues booking the guys who are going the eff after it. It still exists in so many facets, no matter what genre you enjoy, not just this bluesy, old-timey vibe. 

The classic, Sam Cooke-esk quality in Leon Bridges' voice just gives me a bit more hope for quality musical talent to come through, to take our hearts along for new journeys and to offer up new memories just for simply listening during a certain time or in a particular place. 

Here's his other two singles currently making their rounds in the Popular section of Hype Machine. Be on the look out for his album to drop sometime this summer on Columbia.



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