3-for-60: Coachella Countdown

This, ladies & gentlemen, is the beginning of a beautiful series I like to call 3-for-60! Which is, in essence, my attempt at an all too overwhelming countdown to Coachella 2011!

For 60 straight days, I will blog some deets and music from 3 of the 181 scheduled acts that will be blowing minds and ingraining musical memories on April 15, 16, & 17, 2011. The festival is only 65 days away. So I'm giving myself those extra 5 days to mentally collect myself before regressing into states of retardation and amazement I have never know, in the best possible way.

If you know me, you know how especially difficult it is to keep my attention on a singular task for more than 5 seconds. That being said, if I actually do manage to keep this going I will be taking kudos in the form of love letters, sexual favors, the naming of your first born child or simply sharing this with your favorite people. But on a more realistic note most of these posts will probably be reduced to a simple music vid and/or a simple YE or NEY on my prestigious must-see list.

So enough with the banter, let's start the count down!


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