Why Aren't You Famous?! ...Please Don't Get Famous Pt. 1

For my first edition of "Why Aren't You Famous?!...Please Don't Get Famous," I thought I'd kick it off with a favorite among my friends back in San Diego and an all around great BIG band; Seattle's own Pickwick.

The band recorded some live sessions on KEXP Radio, Seattle's non-commercial public radio station, back in July and the videos have been looping on my YouTube playlist for the majority of my time here in Malta. 

After hours of listening, enjoying and gushing over the group's harmonies, it begs the question...

Why aren't they famous?!

Well enjoy these if you missed a few from a couple posts back. 

 P.s. shout out to Hollz in Vietnam. Hope this relieves you of an erie, pandora-less silence in Nam haha. Love you girl.

P.s.s Ryan Birkinshaw... stop rubbing it in my face that it is geographically impossible for me to see this ish live at the moment! Damn you!