Modes of Communication

I've reached the point in being a long distance friend/lover/child that I've learned just about a dozen different way I can and must use to get a hold of my people. It's taken a while, but they are not all the same.


I know when you're about to leave for somewhere that will put a good chunk of land(or sea) between you, people are always like "OMG, we are gonna Skype all the time!" & "We'll talk every week!!! PINKY PROMISE! l;kdjfijefalidjl!!! Bahhhh!"...etc. Clearly a very sweet notion, yet unrealistic and just down right impossible. We know we both have lives, and it ain't that easy. Even when you're in the same city, you know which one of your friends are "texters", which ones would rather you just call, and the ones that you won't hear from for months or until they contact you... so don't even bother.

But I feel like I'm finally getting it down...
So, here is my standard procedures for just about all of those I need at least a semi-regular interaction with to keep my sanity and the type of communicator I have found them to be:

For my Mom: "The Plays Hard to Get" 
My mom has always been super relaxed when it comes to keeping in touch. I didn't hear from the woman for half of freshman year for the following reasons: "I don't want to interupt your life" or "Just call me when you have time, I know you're busy" or the favorite "I don't want to be one of 'those moms'"... oh, mom.

She requires at least a few texts (via my iPod touch app which goes straight to her phone's same app) to even get the woman on a computer to Skype me.
She also seems to prefer contacting me at times when...I just can't. Sorry mom!

For my p.i.c: "The Pineapple Express"
She's there in a virtual heartbeat. She got my back no matter what continent were on. By no means do we have enough time to chat all the time, even though I would absolutely love to Skype it up with her all the time, but it's just too much with a 9 hour time difference.

Even at home she's more of the "texting" type, so I didn't stray too far from her comfort zone when I try to get a hold of her from across the world. When I need her, I shoot one her way. When something too funny not to share happens, she'll be texting me back in a couple minutes with a few courtesy 'lol's and 'haha's. I appreciated this.

Although, we recently had a marathon skype session that had to have broken some record, at least for keeping her on the phone that long. Four hours later, I'd say we experienced just about every emotion in that conversation (besides maybe anger or disgust) that two humans could possibly endure in a virtual face-to-face convo.

For my love: "The Pillow Talker"
He's always there for me, but especially at night (my time). Most nights I get to see him via Skype since it just so happens to fall perfectly in the time that he gets off work and I'm just about ready to collapse from exhausting 8 hour-long class days or marathon paper-writing. Just seeing his face brings me back to real life. Cheesy, but true.
These chats usually keep me up til at least 3 a.m., but I don't mind. It just feels like the home and summertime... layin', hangin' while he strums, my usual interruption of a retarded question or ingenious invention idea. Clearly I bring a lot to the intellectual buffet, but all in all these nightly chats have often been my most favorite part of the day.

For my slightly flighty/uber busy band of whores: "The Drunken Kamakazi"
Love 'em to death, but DAYUM they are hard to get a hold of! It's no wonder too... they are all over the place! In San Diego, Orange County, Tempe (Arizona), Vietnam, Panama, Franklin (Tennessee)... how could I keep up with those time zones? Or even track them down, nonetheless. I gave up. Kinda... Well, when I get a night out, which usually leads to a decent amount of intoxication, I am somehow reminded of some random thing that me and _____ did that usually resulted in at least one of us keeling over from laughter and the other peeing a little. Hey, it happens. So I am thus, morally obligated to write them a lovely, exquisitely sloppy and bantery (?) message telling them what happened and basically how much "I LVOE YOUUUUU!!!!!!!! ahhhhh!!!"
Just like that :)
Other than that, it's wall posts and sweet, amazingly awesome, surprise (kamakazi) letters. Thanks guys & and I hope you liked mine too <3

For my Purp: "The Only Birdie I Really Talk To"
tweet - tweet - lolz - haha -.... tweet. & repeat.

(yes, it is my clear intension that none of you know what I'm talking about...except @aliciamarge)

For my grams: "The Oldie, But GREATIE!"
I have now recieved about 6 letters from my Grams. Each letter has an awesome, or sometimes 2 awesome and adorable animals on it. Usually they are yawning or just laying there. She fills the insides with kindness, love and updates on every thing she has thought within the last 3 minutes.

She's the best. <3


Jeremy Vilela said...

ur hot <3

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you do it les but you are hilariously, intellectually charming all the time through words, over the web and from the other side of the world...sEEEr-I-O-U-S-ley ;)(That was a web wink if you couldn't tell.) Next time I see her, I'm going to thank Alicia for prompting me to check out your blog. I am very impressed and YOU my friend are very missed. I had a blast partying with your spirit this weekend tho! Talk to you soon. LOVE YOUU!!!!


Leslie said...

Thanks syd! <3 I love you so much!