For Goodness Sake, Let Us Be Young

This time next month....
This time next month, I will have gotten visits from two of my most favorite people in the world.
This time next month, I will be in Venice, Italy and have been traveling around 6 different countries in 2 weeks.
This time next month, I will, and continue to be, stoked on life.

This time next month, however, I will not be at Coachella.
I won't be dancing to a thousand different sounds in one cataclysmic weekend.
I won't be extending my sun-drenched arms above my head to form a circle.... an egg. 
I won't be painting brightly colored nomadic (non)symbols of youth all over my face.
I won't be free to punch the air in happiness as I run from tent to tent.
I won't be joining some of the greatest, happiest, and most loving humans I know in the grass fields of this desert Oasis.

There was no resisting the urge to check out this year's line up, and no way I could hold back the moans of dispair on all that I would not be listening to while participating in an impromptu yet irresistible dance circle.
THE VACCINES?!....The Black keys?!...Radiohead?!...Bon Iver?!... The Shins?!...Feist?!...Miike Snow?!...SNOOP?!...Lissie?!...Gary Clark Jr?!... The Growlers?!


I won't even go on, because I know I'm butchering the list of "off the top of my head" artists, but it's not all about them anyways.

It's my peeps  

The friends I miss being there with and will continue think about while I'm traveling about.
I don't have any regrets about where I will be, what I will be doing, and especially who I'll be with while I'm not at Coachella this year... but my love goes out to the friends that have made all my festival experiences purely magical and not quite explainable.
Have a blast! And enjoy the weekend that allows you to be free of it all...

I've been sitting on this song... waiting to post it until Coachella time crept close enough for it to be relevant, but it perfectly depicts the love, the music, the friends, the experience, the essence and the vibe of all my Festivalgees (festival + refugees), through both the lyrics and the images. 
I dare you not to see a little bit of yourself (or even your actual self) in this video. It's beautiful, captivating, telling, and makes me long for the sun soaked field of dreams, that much more.

"If at some point we all succumb
For goodness sake, let us be young.
'Cause time gets harder to out run,
And I'm nobody, I'm not done."