i'm gonna pop some tags

t h i r f t i n g // f l e a . m a r k e t s // g a r a g e . s a l e

I'm aware that these aren't musical genres but instead of seeing shows this weekend or looking up new music... I got thrifty. 

I can now happily say that, I understand the shabby chic ways of the LA crowd, and how it is so very, and sometimes cheaply, possible to turn your house into an anthropologie display in this town. Of course it takes style and years of perfection to find a place for every single knick knack, but I'm starting to consider myself less hopeless at the thought of having to accessorize an entire house one day [and that is saying something]. Let's be real though, most people up here pay someone else to do it, and those people were the ones amongst me fighting over the antique armoires. 

Anywho, it was quite a sight and experience that makes me giddy at the thought of going to the Rose Bowl flea market next month, since hopefully I'll be in my new digs by then [fingers crossed].

Here's some of my finds & musings from this weekend.

Klimt, Kodak & a table. What more could a girl ask for.
I'm taking this whole tack down to San Diego for Mustache bash!

Totally missed out on that little plate down there.
Too bad the lady figured that out too.

Finders keepers.

and THAT is how you sell a table



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