Mind Mischief • Tame Impala Live Tribute

In honor of their SUPER exciting release this week, I wanted to share some fantastic live recordings of one of my favorite bands, Tame Impala.

Seeing them live is indescribable, although I've tried. They're just amazing. The year after I got back from Malta (2012) I was lucky enough to see them three times. Always with or surrounded by people I love. Always smiling ear-to-ear. And always in utter disbelief of their talent and insanely magnetizing musical capabilities.

Even though my love affair with them doesn't seem like it started that long ago, there are major moments & periods of time in my life that they will forever remind me of. I feel so grateful for that, and hopefully those times will continue in new and different ways. Their music makes me feel weirdly hopeful for the best things. Again, I don't know how to describe what the hell one of their live shows does to me, but all I can say is if you have a chance to see them... take it. And have the time of your f*%#ing life. :)

I know I did...

Cover art for Tame Impala's Live Versions album, released May 2014.
Buy Tam Impala's Live Versions album on iTunes


Sydnee Brooker said...

les your blog looks amazing! thanks for sharing girl friend - love you


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