Back to the Bash • 7 years of Funkin'

If you've chanced upon my blog during any of the last seven spring seasons, you might have noticed that things seem to get particularly funky around this time of year. Not a faulty YouTube link or a busted download, but truly groovy jams just seem to pour out of each post and honestly, I just can't help myself.

It's Mustache Bash season!

4th Annual Mustache Bash
While this annual rager packed with 70s jams accompanied to furry lipped debauchery is currently in its 8th incredible year, I feel more than lucky to be in attendance (and there in spirit while I was abroad) for the last seven. The first was completely by chance and by some grace of God I actually ended up meeting four of my best friends and soul sisters. The following years included more friends, whom I'd later met and pieced together that were the beautiful souls behind this miraculous event forever lodged in my memory bank. In years since, I can truly say no other single day has offered up as many fun, wild and absolutely hilarious memories as the one and only Stache Bash. Granted, there's definitely some blood, sweat and tears that go into its making (THANKS BOYS!!!) and that's not including the year I nearly bled out on the damn side walk after jumping into a pile of glass... aka the Heel Massacre of 2010. Straight up looked like someone had been stabbed to death outside. Oops.
7th Annual Mustache Bash

Moving on...

It's here again. And (side note) the timing could not possibly be sweeter. After a whole weekend surrounded by friends in our funkalious flare, I'll be leaving for Bali to spend 5 weeks exploring, hiking, documenting and purely living with one of my dearest friends. 

So, let's get the funk down my friends! Cheers to all of the bashers, 8-year vets & 1st year newbs, I can't wait to shake it with you beautiful humans! Listen to the jams below to get your limbs loose for Saturday! PS - Tickets are still available here, and this year's outrageous lineup includes The Floozies, Orgone, Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band and the one & only Mustache Bash Family Band. :)

You know a mix is going to be fire when it starts off with The Meters FYI...

Love this mix! Hour and a half of gold... more contemporary funky jams

A bash through the past..

6th Annual Mustache Bash
2nd Annual Mustache Bash
3rd Annual Mustache Bash
5th Annual Mustache Bash (Holly & I were abroad)


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