Quadron • Live at The Fold Silverlake

A still shot of Coco from Quadron in a green fringe dress in their music video for the song "Favorite Star".
It's finally happening!

Here's a little backstory... I was rummaging around the blog the other night, looking for songs from yesteryear that tend to put a smile on my face, when I happily land on a post about Quadron - the Danish duo with the epic second album inspired by the one and only MJ. Although the links to all their sound cloud tracks were expired (fixing soon!) I couldn't help but listen to their unique tunes and get swept away by their awesome music videos (Coco is a serious babe)!

As I extended my search to Google, since my blog was not cutting it with those broken links (dammit...), I just so happened to see that they were playing in LA in a few weeks! Of course the show was sold out, but since someone up there is apparently looking out for me, they announced a second date and had tickets left!

So, yes, I'm finally seeing Quadron with my best friend Oatie (not her real name) and I couldn't be happier. If you want to join in on the fun they'll be at The Fold (Bootleg Theater) in Silverlake on Thursday, March 19 & Friday, March 20.

I'll just let Coco's epic fringe take it from here...

Mustache Bash spirit animal status, right there.

Got chills after that last one :)

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