Throwback Tunes • Kings of Leon - "Revelry"

rev·el·ry (ˈrevəlrē) adj. : lively and noisy festivities.

By a chance spin on a Pandora playlist, a blast from the past erupted onto our office speakers, much to the dismay of our perpetually annoyed neighbors.

Hearing this song again instantly sparked a particular feeling inside me. Took me back, as any good 'throwback' should. Not all the way back to high-tops and side ponies, but just enough to remember how far I've come since then. Sophomore year of college to be exact.

This album was on repeat in my car, in my head and more or less most of that crazy era. Trying to figure it out, trying to figure myself out, wanting out... out, out, out. It was a trip, but listening to this song, and the entire "Only By the Night" album, on repeat made me feel better. I think it was in these years that I truly realized cruisin' in your car to good music, no matter the genre, is without a doubt the best kind of urban solace.

"See the time we shared it was precious to me
But all the while I was dreaming of revelry"



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