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For a while now, well at least for the last few years, I've had an infatuation with full moons.

A sunsetting sky in Los Angeles, California with a full moon becoming visible between the palm trees.

Although my grandma would tell me how I always asked about the moon as a kid, the most recent memory I have of this budding admiration was the first time I heard about a "super moon." I was in Malta and I got invited to a full moon "party" across the island, which was more like a very tame bon fire gathering back home. Down an endlessly long set of stairs, we met a group of other expats sitting on blankets in a circle on the yellowish gold sand- it was in Golden Bay after all. We sat around for a few hours, luckily I had my ukulele Suki with me to pass the time, and we watched as this monsterous moon crept up and over the westerly hills. Later on while we waited for our bus home, the girls I was with did a little photo shoot of us "holding the moon" in different ways, playing with it's bright silhouette. That moon definitely deserved its title, and was by all accounts unforgettable. A few months after that I nearly circumnavigated the globe to find myself at yet another, and drastically more crazy, full moon party in Thailand. And I guess from then on I've been hooked.

I've always seen them as a symbol of newness and excitement, curiosity and, of course, beauty. And while most of those things are undeniable, the thing I seemed to have forgotten is that this beautiful mass didn't just appear suddenly; it was "growing" slowly but surely over time. Even on the darkest nights, when it was seemingly all but gone, it was simply building strength for a new and bright resurgence. It took time to come into full view, it wasn't instant, but it was constantly progressing before the world got to appreciate its beauty.

I'll try to remember that every time I admire it at it's brightest. 

It's not overnight.

It takes time.

So, tonight, well I guess last night by the time I post this, I sat in my car and looked up at the moon and admired it again. There's so many things that have happened in this "moon cycle" I guess you could say. The last one was on the first Tuesday of February. I remember looking up at it through my windshield and blurred vision, but I didn't enjoy it. I didn't admire it. And honestly I kind of resented it being there since I'd always wanted special things to happen on full moon days/nights. And that day was anything but. 

A lot can change in a month. I know I've let so many pass by at super-speed these last two years, but I'm happy today that I'll get to enjoy this one. I feel like I've earned it. 

So let's get back to the music. Here are the tunes that are often on my mind during this magical time in the lunar calendar, or at least this one in particular. Whether you believe in the energy of it or just think it's a big 'ol pizza in the sky, at least your night walks will be a little bit brighter. Which reminds me... I CAN'T WAIT FOR DAYLIGHT SAVINGS! Sorry, I'm just really excited to come home to sunlight.

Hope you enjoy... 

Goodnight world... Enjoy the moon tonight <3 comment-3--="">


Sydnee Brooker said...

les - I love this! I think the internet is full of little gems like your blog. It's so funny because I think of the web as a place of total exposure but so many of the stories you've shared are so personal and characteristic of a diary. I haven't heard most of them. Thanks for sharing your anecdotes and tunes. I hope enough people know this blog is here :)


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