Ride Or Die

"When you ride you're bike, you could give a fuck with what's wrong out there."

Gotta say, THAT is one of the best compliments/ coolest lines ever sung to/about me. It was actually the first song he ever wrote for me. Made sense since he would spot me cruisin' even before we started dating. He told me he wrote it one night when I called him to come out of his house, just before I left for Coachella. I literally chucked his favorite and randomly rare cereal at him out my passenger window. I couldn't believe I found it while loading up on camping snacks and survival gear. That's some serious cereal lovin' right there. (This is probably why he also included the line "You like cereal more than pearls" in the song. So true.)
Anyways, back to my favorite.

My bike (which ever one it may be, before they were inevitably stolen by soul crushers) has always been an extension of my spirit. It gives me the ultimate freedom and assures me that as long as I still have sturdy legs and a strong mind I could escape and just go whenever I wanted.

Hop on, tune in, and cruise.
No cares. 

I have to admit I've done some of my best thinking and mental pep talks while cruisin' around Mission Bay. And of course getting to see some of my favorite faces as I fly by or stop for a chat could always put me in a happy place.

One thing is for sure, a great, mood appropriate playlist was the fundamental ingredient of any solid ride.

When i felt more funky and in a "I'm gonna rock the shit out of this day" kind of mood, I'd go straight for the James Brown.

Feeling more romantic or nostalgic on an overcast Sunday, my love Al Green would serenade me.

More of an emo ride? I'd ponder life, love and whatever else to Beach House.

A few blisteringly hot, gotta-get-out-and-get-movin' summertime rides were accompanied by a South Pacific reggae mix- Katchafire, Fat Freddy's Drop...

While here in Malta, although I've been strongly advised against it, I always wonder what it would be like if I had my bike here. So much easier just to cruise around and get my mind off everything. I'm almost positive I could get from the North to South end of the island in one day. That would require one very epic soundtrack, and time to do it. Nevertheless, this would probably be the flow of it...




What I'm Listening To