Don't You Dare Compare

sick of looking at fashion blogs.
wanting things I don't have.
wanting legs I don't have.
wanting a face I don't have.
no more.

just got back from a boxing class and you know what...

I feel good, nu nu nu nu nu nu nah!

there's a bloggers "movement" going around called Things I'm Afraid to Tell You, where bloggers are just being straight up about things they usually sugar coat in their posts or never really talk about. 
I know I usually just write about music, and feel like I'm pretty honest about the things I share about myself, but I really think I'm going to post one soon, because there is no use hiding behind insecurities. It'll only shadow all the great things you have to offer the world and you know, we are all human. 
...more to come, eventually.


Ms. Cathy said...

I've been seeing this Things I'm Afraid to Tell You movement as well and have been contemplating starting one as well :) We should do it together!



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