Why Aren't You Famous?! ...Please Don't Get Famous Pt. 2

This edition of "Why Aren't You Famous?! ...Please Don't Get Famous" is devoted to an extra soulful and seriously surprising artist, Allen Stone.

As I paroozed the Outside Lands line-up, I of course could not get the full effect of such a good line-up until I sat down and gave them all a good listening to. So while I crafted my own personal line-up, which the set times may or may not shit on, I heard the voice of sweet baby jesus coming through my speaks.

...Of course it was actually a tall, blond-haired baby jesus, Allen Stone, but I found his voice so incredibly passionate, funky and fundamentally Stevie Wonder-esk that I was inevitably converted to what ever he was preaching. Don't be fooled by any false initial reactions. He my friends is the real deal, with talent that hasn't been seen by people in my generation unless someone was attempting to pay tribute to the R&B/Soul greats like Bill Withers, Marvyn Gaye and Al Green.

I was also very excited to find that just last month he was in San Diego playing at the Soda Bar and actually took part in one of my favorite local YouTube music projects, Trolley Show.

I think this son of a preacher exudes just the right blend of old school soul and an indie funk (if there was such a thing).

Check it kids... & you will be inclined to ask "Why aren't you famous?!?'

It's my 100 th post anniversary! Thanks friends and strangers for checking it out and showing your support over 4,000 times <3 You're awesome!!


Ms. Cathy said...

Congrats love!! I'm only a few days shy of it being my 100th post as well - Hoorah!



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