Killing Us Softly With Her Song

It's a rare feat in this world when someone with the world at their feet gives it all up to escape the revoking of their moral conscious and true destiny.

I know I don't often write about spirituality and most of the things I post have a matter of fact style to them, but there are some artists in this world that I just can't casually write about. It takes some thought about what they have given to the world by sharing their voice, their passion and their truth. So it's hard for me to sum it up, but in all honesty I do not have enough knowledge or experience to describe her or her songs in a proper manner. So here are just a few of my own opinions of one of my favorite vocal artists.

She gave peace of mind with every piece of her mind.

Untamed and unapologetic. 

She offered her experiences as lyrical experiments.

She's controversial and righteous.

She removed herself from a limelight that forces people to sell their soul and give into almost every world temptation while making them into merely a pawn in the game.

An artist in an industry of entertainers.

She and her music are universal, with a worldly kind of love and knowledge that at times has been overshadowed by shallow rumors.

She is divine, beautiful, and real.

She is Lauryn Hill.

"Fantasy is what people want... but reality is what they need. And I've just retired from the fantasy part, because i realized..."

"See, I know you can't help me, Mr. Intentional. 
The only help I need to live, is unprofessional.
The only wealth I have to give, is not material.
And if you need much more than that, I'm not available."

"You love me despite myself. Sometimes I fight myself.
I just can't believe that you would have anything to do, 
with someone to insecure, someone so immature.
Oh you inspire me to be the higher me."

"Do we expect the system made for the elect
To possibly judge correct?
Properly serve and protect?
Materially corrupt
Spiritually amuck"

"sweetest thing I've ever known, was like the kiss on the collarbone"


pleinedevie said...

She is truly one of a kind. So beautifully and well said, Les!


Leslie said...

thanks ev <3

Ms. Cathy said...

I've always respected her talents. My personal fave? Killing me softly. Fond memories with this one :)
Love the post!!



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