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I'm pretty sure almost every one, at some time or another, has read one of those lists, "things to do before you die" or "before you're 30," or "before you're married," etc.

I have to admit, every time I read one of those I get super ambitious for a good 5 minutes and start planning out how this is the beginning of the rest of my life. Then an episode of Family Guy comes on, laziness overcomes me, a bag of chips seduces me, and I am again put in my place.

But, considering I am approaching a pretty huge milestone in my life, and tomorrow today will be my last day of class forever, I feel like it's a good time to look at some of those ever-inspiring lists, take away some motivation, and set the bar a little higher than I might on my own.

After going through a couple lists here are some I thought were the best (trying not to include ONLY travel ones, since that's pretty much half the lists) & a few of my own. Some I've done, most I haven't and hopefully all I will attempt. Anyways feel free to listen to the songs I've matched up for each set.

So here they are.

Things to do before you('re)....

1."Attend a music festival in another country." (#31 in Josh Lew's 50 thing to do before you die)

Although I'm currently living in Europe, the birth place of the music festival, I still haven't been to one on here. The closest I've been was a Genesis (yes... Phil Collin's band) concert in Rome, back in the summer of 2007. It might sound lame, but it was pretty crazy! Over 500,000 people and they released a concert DVD of that show called When in Rome. I have yet to find myself in the crowd... the search continues. 

2. "Don't bring the problems from the 90s into two-thou..." - Fabulous 

Couldn't agree more with this deep-thinking scholar. You have to let things go so you can grow. Don't hold grudges. Take the energy it would take to hold on, and devote it to things you care about. Keep your life simple by just moving on.

3. Learn what it is to be a true friend, even if it's just for one person.

At 25, I think you're old enough to know how to be "that one person" who will always be there for someone else. Going above and beyond for someone you care about will bring a lot more happiness to your life.

4. "Turn your mobile off for a week." (#6 101 Things To Do Before You Die)

If you can't manage being disconnected from technology for a week, you are successfully on your way to becoming a drone. So get outside, run around, and piss a lot of people off by being unavailable. It feels great.

5. "Give your mother a dozen red roses and tell her you love her." (#20 100 Things To Do Before You Die)

Love your mom & let her know. She's the one that had to look at you when you were an awkward/ugly middle schooler... if that's not love I don't know what is.

6. Go couchsurfing

7. "Be a movie extra." (# 106 225 TTDBYD)

8. "Live in another country... even if it's just for a month." (Check) (#3 25 TTDBY 25)

How many times will you have to hear this before you actually just take the leap?! There is so much to see and experience out there and living in another country is completely different from just a visit. Immerse yourself in the culture, try the food, meet some people, take a risk, trust yourself and go for it.

9. "Start a list of your all-time favorite quotes" (#218 225 TTDBYD)

10. Take a truely epic roadtrip with your friends.


11. "Over come your fear of failure." (#68 100 TTDBYD)

12. "Help out a random stranger in distress." (#6 225 TTDBYD)

13. "Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans." (#58 225 TTDBYD)

Leave the kids at home, grab you girls (or guys) and remember to hide your collection of beads when you come home.

14. "Connect with your teachers from the past." (#197 225 TTDBYD)

Everyone remembers their favorite teacher, and now with Facebook and Linkedin, it's easier than ever to get in touch with them! I can check that one off... Hi Mrs. Mangoubi!

15. "Participate in a Carnival parade in Brazil. You haven’t had a good night out until you’ve been to the biggest party in the nation of big parties."

16. Watch a movie at a drive-in movie theater. Whether its with your friends, the family or your honey, take a trip down memory lane(... and try not to get caught.)

17. Read at least five books from Modern Library's Best Novels List (#204 225 TTDBYD)

While you still have some free time, no kids, and no responsibility to any other human... READ. Yeah, you can do it with all these additions to your life, just like my mom and sis, but they became avid readers long before they had babies. 

18. Play a sport or do a physical activity you love, regularly.

Miss your teenage body... it misses you too. Go play. The Research Institute of Common Sense claims it you'll be a lot happier, live longer, and just feel better.

19. "Get drunk on absinthe." (#36 50 Things To Do Before You're 30)

20: "Do a mud run or go to the Boryeong Mud Festival in South Korea."


21."Buy a boat and learn to sail. "(#22 - Lew's 50 thing to do before you die)

This hits home for me. I WILL try my hardest to own a boat in my lifetime. I can't imagine not since I practically grew up on the water & most of my best memories as a kid include making the trek to Lake Powell and spending 10 days ( yes... 10 whole days) camping on the shore and boating with my entire family. I would love to give that to my kids one day.

22. "Skydive. it is the ultimate thrill, unless you add a wing suit, and actually fly." (#47 Lew's 50 TTDBYD)

Kinda generic but still the epitome of exhilaration, freedom, and testing every limit of being a mortal being.

23. "Write the story of your life. Let's face it, the odds of anyone else doing it are pretty remote." (#1 101 things to do before you die)

I think this is a great idea. I can't tell you how many times I wished I knew about the lives of my grandpa and grandma that I never met. I'll probably never know, but I'd like the people I leave behind know just a little bit about how weird I am.

24. "Sleep under the stars." (#58 100 Things To Do Before You Die)

25. "Fart in a crowded space." (#86 100 Things To Do Before You Die)

I had to include this partly because I can't believe this was actually listed and partly because my grams told me, when you're old you don't even try to hold it in any more... as she kept farting.

26. "Donate money & put your name on something: a college scholarship, a bench in the park.
AND give to charity-- anonymously" (#70 & 82 100 Things To Do Before You Die)

Everyone wants to leave a legacy, no matter how big or small, but sometimes being humble and discrete speaks volumes about your character, more lasting than any grand gesture.

27. "Set foot on all seven continents"

By the end of next month, I'll have 4 down, 3 to go!

28. "Build something that will outlast you. " (#50 101 things...)

29. See the Northern Lights (# 62  225 TTDBYD)

30. "Reflect on your greatest weakness, and realize how it is your greatest strength." 

Not quite sure about this one, but maybe I will before I die.


Ms. Cathy said...

Don't think I could fart in a crowded place but you go girl!! Loved this inspirational post. The time is always now :)

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